Technical Cannabis – Cleaning with Formula 420

Quick! Grab your dirty, rotten bong and a bottle of Formula 420. Get ready to experience what snake oil was really suppose to be like because you will see magic. Formula 420 throughly scrubs all the build of tar, soot, and all that junk that managed to find a home inside of your heavy-duty hit piece.


1. Over the sink, flip the Formula 420 and begin shaking towards the drain.
2. Into every opening of your bong, squeeze out the containments of the bottle Formula 420.


3. Cover the openings with your thumb.
4. And Shake.
You can see the built of resin breaking off. Keep shaking until you feel satisfied. Remember, you can always repeat these steps for an extra deep cleaning.
5. Fill the bong with hot water.
6. With your thumbs covering the openings, shake the bong once again.
7. Pour out Formula 420 and all other residue. 


8. Keep flushing out leftover 420 and residue until its completely clean.

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One rinse through should satisfy, but do as many times as you feel necessary. Some bongs and pieces have areas harder to hit. For me, it’s the bottom of the L piece where I attach my bowl. I tilt my bong towards that direction to focus the Formula 420 on that area. You may need to change shaking strategies and that’s okay. Each bong is different, mostly, so you can create your own cleaning ritual. The steps above are basic, beginning, I’m-afraid-to-break-my-60-dollar-piece smoker. There’s no right date, or time frame to clean either. Sometimes you don’t think it is as dirty as it is. Still, try to create a habit out of it. In the long run, going through formula 420 faster than you can go through bud will save you money in the long run.


Technical Cannabis: Rolling a Joint with Raw Rolling Machine


1. Open Raw Rolling Machine.
2. Direct the arrows towards you.
3. Place the Roach on the end of the rolling machine. 


4. Spread the flower evenly from the end to the roach. 


5.  Shut the rolling machine and roll the cylinders towards you.a caption
Optional: Pack more flower for a bigger joint. Repeat step 5 if you choose to add more flower.
6. Take out one rolling paper. 
7. Place the paper between the cylinder and the flower.


Note: Make sure the inside of the paper will roll in the direction of the arrows when placing it in the cylinder, as well as having the sticky-side up.







8. Roll the cylinders towards you. 
9. Before rolling the joint completely, lick the sticky-side of the paper.
9. Roll the cylinders towards you one last time.

Your joint should be tight and smooth. Kick back and enjoy your creation. After a while, you may become good enough to roll bigger joint free-hand.

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Why You Should Buy More Shake

The low quality Shake-myth is busted.

Shake, largely dismissed for being known as the poor person’s cannabis, is vastly underrated, which is purported by assumption and ignorance of a fastidious audience. Not at the fault of the patients, they often make assumptions from the lack of knowledge. It is true that no cannabis shake is the same. Each may have a heavier share of different flower. One shake may be Sativa dominant, or Indica dominant, or hybrid dominant, which is the common type. They do, however, have something in common with the flowers on all the shelves, which is that shake has little of each flower.

And 1/8ths of Shake run 10 dollars cheaper than bottom shelves. When you buy shake, you are guaranteeing yourselves nothing less than bottom shelves quality with the chance of having some premium and exclusive flower as well. So, even at worst case scenario, the quality of the shake won’t be less than the shelves that run 10 dollars more on the 1/8ths.

Largely, the common criticism of shake is not knowing what you’re going to get and some patients are very particular strand they get. You can always guess the chances of what type of bud you can get. You have a more likely chance of getting bud that’s having a deal. The buds that have deals are usually in higher quantity than the other flowers, thus giving them a higher chance of being the dominant flower in the shake. You can also guess by just looking at the menu. Some dispensaries and deliveries carry a heavy set of either Sativa or Indica. Knowing the ratio of the two strands can also give you a better guess of what will be shake. So if you go to a dispensary that is Sativa dominant and having a sale on Blue Dream, there is a high likelihood that your shake will mostly have blue dream.

The difficulties into getting the best shake is dwarfed compared to the benefits. Starting with the money saved, shake is also grounded up, which almost every patient prefers their cannabis except for a few situations. Rolling joints and packing bowls are best done with grounded up bud. Most pre-rolls from dispensaries are made of these. And the cheap ones can run from 5, or if they’re real greedy, 10 dollars. It is not that shake does not have valid criticism, but in an ideal world, the choice is a no brainer, but outside factors affect the wonderful sale of shake.

People can be lazy. People can be cheap. They can use smoke and mirror tricks with their patients. Sell the deal but fail to deliver. They can leave stems and trims in, over-weighing the actual value of the measurements. However, if this how your service treats cannabis, they may not be selling you the best medicine either. If you ever find a dispensary that takes its shake seriously, you will find a dispensary that cares about the quality of their flowers. Looking for good shake will tell you a lot about the flowers. If the shake is dry, the bud is dry. Shake isn’t always dry. Dry shake only comes from poor maintenance. Budtenders and growers who can’t take care of their bud, can’t take care of their flower.

Smoking House Shake is like putting on the sunglasses from “They Live.” It reveals, decrypts, and shows what dispensary or delivery stands for. If Shake is treated as cheap flower for cheap patients, what other products are seen as such. Do these products go down in quality because of it? What shake is, and should be viewed as, is a collection of the house’s best grower. Shake doesn’t come from an outside third-party. It is grown internally, by the dispensary itself. The quality of the leftover bud from when it’s transfered from its jar to the shake of the jar is equaled to the same bud packed away and delivered in its dram. The only time the quality of leftover Blue Dream would drop compared to the Blue Dream packed would be if the budtender forgot to put humidity packs in its jar and left it out in the sun, which is a no-no always and no excuse for it.

Not trying your house shake is like going to college and not taking a course on experimental psychology or history on Nazi Germany: Sure, you got what you wanted out of the place, but you never got to see what it’s stance on ethics is. Shake is low-risked, high-reward flower that not only hooks you up with a steal on 1/8ths, quarters, or grams, but it also reveals the attention the dispensary pays when its growing, and procuring its flowers.

A Morning Bowl of Lucky Charms Transforms The Brain Into a Prism

Eyes do not deceive, the tongue does not lie, but Lucky Charms from Canndescent might convince you that your five senses are hiding a secret from you your cerebral cortex. Lucky Charms from Canndescent are graded at a 30 percent THC rating, which is about 10 percent higher than any normal strain (which can include Top Shelf products). Lucky Charms has a slow, clean burn that doesn’t rush the smoker. As a squishy strain, amiable to the fingers without flaking, Lucky Charms has a fruity and citrus-y flavor that is to be enjoyed rather than punished.  Because of the high content of THC, the well-seasoned cannabis veterans will find that getting through an eighth or an ounce will taken longer than usual. However, Lucky Charms isn’t for every smoker, but for those that are looking to play with the mind, and entertain the soul. The creative, deep-thinker types that want to enjoy their smoking session to think heavily on projects and people will do best with Canndescent’s Lucky Charms.

Canndescent has a special curating process that they take seriously. Because of their hands-off – literally hands-off – approach to cannabis cultivation, Canndescent is able to maximize the highest grade of THC content out of their bud. Canndescent grows their cannabis to meet one of the five moods: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. Lucky Charms isn’t the only bud they curate, but it’s one of their most popular and the most popular in the Create series. Typically, because of their commitment to have the finest flower on the market, the Canndescent series sells higher than others. Think somewhere around 30 for a gram. One that has been on the storefront’s shelf can drop as low as 22. Whichever is the case, do not expect to be saving cash on this product.

As Canndescent starts to grow and become a more successful cannabis company, which they set to be, expect the popularity and the price of their products to climb. If Canndescent does continue to scale like they are, they will become the Patron of Flowers. Lucky Charms is not a popular strain, yet, but is loved by all those whom reviewed it on Leafly. It is heavily favored by a select few like a cult. The Canndescent version of it is carried at 16 locations in the city of San Diego alone. Although Lucky Charms isn’t as popular as a strain like Gorilla Glue, which is in the Calm series from Canndescent, Lucky Charms is a community favorite that has yet to blossom.

Fundraising for Winchester Collective, a Cannabis Coalition Looking to Treat Sleep Disorders

Having been around the cannabis industry for quite sometime and recently beginning work in it, I have joined my business associate and friend in our quest to raise enough money to run a collective based out in Southeast Los Angeles. Currently, we have garnered 45,000 but are now looking for more donations. Our collective specializes in alleviating people with sleep disorders with our special curating process.

More details can be found at our GoFundMe page. If you do not have the money but our fully behind our mission, please share our page. The more we get our name out there, the quicker we can start delivering our product to the public.

Thank you,

The California Mephitis