A Morning Bowl of Lucky Charms Transforms The Brain Into a Prism

Eyes do not deceive, the tongue does not lie, but Lucky Charms from Canndescent might convince you that your five senses are hiding a secret from you your cerebral cortex. Lucky Charms from Canndescent are graded at a 30 percent THC rating, which is about 10 percent higher than any normal strain (which can include Top Shelf products). Lucky Charms has a slow, clean burn that doesn’t rush the smoker. As a squishy strain, amiable to the fingers without flaking, Lucky Charms has a fruity and citrus-y flavor that is to be enjoyed rather than punished.  Because of the high content of THC, the well-seasoned cannabis veterans will find that getting through an eighth or an ounce will taken longer than usual. However, Lucky Charms isn’t for every smoker, but for those that are looking to play with the mind, and entertain the soul. The creative, deep-thinker types that want to enjoy their smoking session to think heavily on projects and people will do best with Canndescent’s Lucky Charms.

Canndescent has a special curating process that they take seriously. Because of their hands-off – literally hands-off – approach to cannabis cultivation, Canndescent is able to maximize the highest grade of THC content out of their bud. Canndescent grows their cannabis to meet one of the five moods: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. Lucky Charms isn’t the only bud they curate, but it’s one of their most popular and the most popular in the Create series. Typically, because of their commitment to have the finest flower on the market, the Canndescent series sells higher than others. Think somewhere around 30 for a gram. One that has been on the storefront’s shelf can drop as low as 22. Whichever is the case, do not expect to be saving cash on this product.

As Canndescent starts to grow and become a more successful cannabis company, which they set to be, expect the popularity and the price of their products to climb. If Canndescent does continue to scale like they are, they will become the Patron of Flowers. Lucky Charms is not a popular strain, yet, but is loved by all those whom reviewed it on Leafly. It is heavily favored by a select few like a cult. The Canndescent version of it is carried at 16 locations in the city of San Diego alone. Although Lucky Charms isn’t as popular as a strain like Gorilla Glue, which is in the Calm series from Canndescent, Lucky Charms is a community favorite that has yet to blossom.

Fundraising for Winchester Collective, a Cannabis Coalition Looking to Treat Sleep Disorders

Having been around the cannabis industry for quite sometime and recently beginning work in it, I have joined my business associate and friend in our quest to raise enough money to run a collective based out in Southeast Los Angeles. Currently, we have garnered 45,000 but are now looking for more donations. Our collective specializes in alleviating people with sleep disorders with our special curating process.

More details can be found at our GoFundMe page. If you do not have the money but our fully behind our mission, please share our page. The more we get our name out there, the quicker we can start delivering our product to the public.

Thank you,

The California Mephitis

Quick Review – The Roasty Fire OG

Fire OG is one of the most common sativas out there in the market, and typically, Fire OG can be found on the bottom shelf at most dispensaries. However, Fire OG is one of the most under appreciated strain in the cannabis community.

Fire OG has a cooked-over-coal, smoky taste, which burns the throat a little more than other strains. When smoked, the Fire OG is guarantee going to leave a lingering pot smell in the room or outdoors. Most sativas leave a lemony fresh smell, but there are always exceptions and Fire OG is one of them. The smell is the same as it tastes.

Since Fire OG is a sativa, Fire OG adds a more energetic and creative boost than an indica strain. It lifts the eyes, massages the shoulders, and comforts the soles of your feet. The Fire OG works quick and efficiently.

A gram of Fire OG will run around eight to 10 dollars, as an eighth can be surprisingly cheap at 25 to 30. And this is the most attractive part of Fire OG: it’s dirt cheap, but it’s not dirt weed. There are downsides with Fire OG, like it’s unwelcomed odor and it’s dry constitution.

But aesthetics and aroma doesn’t make the strain. Think of Fire OG like a wily ole’ vet. It doesn’t act or look what you think, but it comes out to do the job, especially with it’s 20 % THC rating. For all of it’s unattractiveness in the way it looks and feels, the Fire OG will get you high as well as the mid-to-top shelf strains.

Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs Gets You Drunk on Weed

To be honest, if this drink was anymore potent, it should come with a bigger warning label. Drinking all of the containments in this pink lemonade is enough to sedate a cow. Drinking a third will undoubtedly do the trick and if you take decent enough swigs, maybe one or two gulps will even be enough to feel it.

Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs is 16 fl oz and composed of 100 mg of THC. For the beginners and for those new to edibles, small sips over an extended period time is the suggested practice. For those with a little bit more experience, a quarter should be good and if you’re not feeling any sort of semblance of a high within an hour, then take a couple of more sips. GFarmaLabs offers the same advice as above, just slightly more vague since they don’t define what “a small amount” entails. Also on the nutrition facts, GFarmaLabs has the number of servings at 2, which means you would be consuming 50 mg of THC. If you choose to do this, choose to stay home and to have another person driving.

Whenever you drink or consume an edibles, always treat it like alcohol because edibles don’t work initially like smoking flowers. They take time to metabolize and be placed in your bloodstream. Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs will easily get any person high on three or four occasions, so don’t waste it by drinking it all at once and putting yourself in a weed coma.

Price wise, Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs is a bargain at 13 dollars. The taste is pleasant for the most part, with a slight weed aftertaste that is noticeable but not vexing. And it shouldn’t be a hindrance to those who despise weed-tasting edible. Shaking the bottle will mix the cannabis better, making the weed taste almost unnoticeable. The lemonade isn’t overly citrus-y either. The smell of it is aromatic, as if it was freshly squeezed.

To those who have sensitive taste buds once their high, the Pink Lemonade will be bitterer, tarter, and have a little sting to the tongue. You shouldn’t be drinking this when your high anyway. Either go with something less or way until your out of your high before consuming. Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs is a drink you have by itself and without any side dishes, unless your side dish actually involves food items like mac’n’cheese or a cone from McDonalds.



Plus Gum Spearmint – A Quick Review on the Cool Chew to Coast On

Plus Gum Spearmint is a breath freshener that contains 25 mg of THC per piece. It runs for about 6 dollars for every package, which only comes with one piece that is surprisingly long lasting in terms of its spearmint taste.

The gum is more stringy than it is chewy. Your teeth will shred through its long, thin consistency, but it’s as easy to group it all back together into a little ball as it is to break it apart.

Although it contains 25 mg of THC, don’t expect it to hit as hard as other edibles that hover around the same measurements. You will feel the highness but not to the level as most would expect.

As said before, unfortunately, the Plus Gum is more commonly sold in one piece package. They do however sell six-piece packages as well. Again, they aren’t as common as the one piece.

For the one piece, the Plus Gum isn’t cheap or practical. A typical dispensary will sell a 5-dollar preroll for cheaper with more THC. Although it seems counter-intuitive, you can save money by putting in a little more by purchasing other edibles. Kiva bars ,for example, will give you eight 22.5 mg of THC servings for 20 dollars. Same with the breeze mints that accomplish the goal as the Plus Gum: 20 dollars for 40 mints, which comes to 50 cents a mint. Effectively, when you are purchasing the Breeze Mints, you only have to pay 2.50 for the same amount of THC dosage as you would for the Plus Gum.

Plus Gum isn’t bad. It works for what it is. It’s just that it’s easier to save money and getting the same magic by shopping elsewhere.