A Morning Bowl of Lucky Charms Transforms The Brain Into a Prism

Eyes do not deceive, the tongue does not lie, but Lucky Charms from Canndescent might convince you that your five senses are hiding a secret from you your cerebral cortex. Lucky Charms from Canndescent are graded at a 30 percent THC rating, which is about 10 percent higher than any normal strain (which can include Top Shelf products). Lucky Charms has a slow, clean burn that doesn’t rush the smoker. As a squishy strain, amiable to the fingers without flaking, Lucky Charms has a fruity and citrus-y flavor that is to be enjoyed rather than punished.  Because of the high content of THC, the well-seasoned cannabis veterans will find that getting through an eighth or an ounce will taken longer than usual. However, Lucky Charms isn’t for every smoker, but for those that are looking to play with the mind, and entertain the soul. The creative, deep-thinker types that want to enjoy their smoking session to think heavily on projects and people will do best with Canndescent’s Lucky Charms.

Canndescent has a special curating process that they take seriously. Because of their hands-off – literally hands-off – approach to cannabis cultivation, Canndescent is able to maximize the highest grade of THC content out of their bud. Canndescent grows their cannabis to meet one of the five moods: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. Lucky Charms isn’t the only bud they curate, but it’s one of their most popular and the most popular in the Create series. Typically, because of their commitment to have the finest flower on the market, the Canndescent series sells higher than others. Think somewhere around 30 for a gram. One that has been on the storefront’s shelf can drop as low as 22. Whichever is the case, do not expect to be saving cash on this product.

As Canndescent starts to grow and become a more successful cannabis company, which they set to be, expect the popularity and the price of their products to climb. If Canndescent does continue to scale like they are, they will become the Patron of Flowers. Lucky Charms is not a popular strain, yet, but is loved by all those whom reviewed it on Leafly. It is heavily favored by a select few like a cult. The Canndescent version of it is carried at 16 locations in the city of San Diego alone. Although Lucky Charms isn’t as popular as a strain like Gorilla Glue, which is in the Calm series from Canndescent, Lucky Charms is a community favorite that has yet to blossom.


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