Quick Review – The Roasty Fire OG

Fire OG is one of the most common sativas out there in the market, and typically, Fire OG can be found on the bottom shelf at most dispensaries. However, Fire OG is one of the most under appreciated strain in the cannabis community.

Fire OG has a cooked-over-coal, smoky taste, which burns the throat a little more than other strains. When smoked, the Fire OG is guarantee going to leave a lingering pot smell in the room or outdoors. Most sativas leave a lemony fresh smell, but there are always exceptions and Fire OG is one of them. The smell is the same as it tastes.

Since Fire OG is a sativa, Fire OG adds a more energetic and creative boost than an indica strain. It lifts the eyes, massages the shoulders, and comforts the soles of your feet. The Fire OG works quick and efficiently.

A gram of Fire OG will run around eight to 10 dollars, as an eighth can be surprisingly cheap at 25 to 30. And this is the most attractive part of Fire OG: it’s dirt cheap, but it’s not dirt weed. There are downsides with Fire OG, like it’s unwelcomed odor and it’s dry constitution.

But aesthetics and aroma doesn’t make the strain. Think of Fire OG like a wily ole’ vet. It doesn’t act or look what you think, but it comes out to do the job, especially with it’s 20 % THC rating. For all of it’s unattractiveness in the way it looks and feels, the Fire OG will get you high as well as the mid-to-top shelf strains.


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