Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs Gets You Drunk on Weed

To be honest, if this drink was anymore potent, it should come with a bigger warning label. Drinking all of the containments in this pink lemonade is enough to sedate a cow. Drinking a third will undoubtedly do the trick and if you take decent enough swigs, maybe one or two gulps will even be enough to feel it.

Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs is 16 fl oz and composed of 100 mg of THC. For the beginners and for those new to edibles, small sips over an extended period time is the suggested practice. For those with a little bit more experience, a quarter should be good and if you’re not feeling any sort of semblance of a high within an hour, then take a couple of more sips. GFarmaLabs offers the same advice as above, just slightly more vague since they don’t define what “a small amount” entails. Also on the nutrition facts, GFarmaLabs has the number of servings at 2, which means you would be consuming 50 mg of THC. If you choose to do this, choose to stay home and to have another person driving.

Whenever you drink or consume an edibles, always treat it like alcohol because edibles don’t work initially like smoking flowers. They take time to metabolize and be placed in your bloodstream. Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs will easily get any person high on three or four occasions, so don’t waste it by drinking it all at once and putting yourself in a weed coma.

Price wise, Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs is a bargain at 13 dollars. The taste is pleasant for the most part, with a slight weed aftertaste that is noticeable but not vexing. And it shouldn’t be a hindrance to those who despise weed-tasting edible. Shaking the bottle will mix the cannabis better, making the weed taste almost unnoticeable. The lemonade isn’t overly citrus-y either. The smell of it is aromatic, as if it was freshly squeezed.

To those who have sensitive taste buds once their high, the Pink Lemonade will be bitterer, tarter, and have a little sting to the tongue. You shouldn’t be drinking this when your high anyway. Either go with something less or way until your out of your high before consuming. Pink Lemonade from GFarmaLabs is a drink you have by itself and without any side dishes, unless your side dish actually involves food items like mac’n’cheese or a cone from McDonalds.




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