Plus Gum Spearmint – A Quick Review on the Cool Chew to Coast On

Plus Gum Spearmint is a breath freshener that contains 25 mg of THC per piece. It runs for about 6 dollars for every package, which only comes with one piece that is surprisingly long lasting in terms of its spearmint taste.

The gum is more stringy than it is chewy. Your teeth will shred through its long, thin consistency, but it’s as easy to group it all back together into a little ball as it is to break it apart.

Although it contains 25 mg of THC, don’t expect it to hit as hard as other edibles that hover around the same measurements. You will feel the highness but not to the level as most would expect.

As said before, unfortunately, the Plus Gum is more commonly sold in one piece package. They do however sell six-piece packages as well. Again, they aren’t as common as the one piece.

For the one piece, the Plus Gum isn’t cheap or practical. A typical dispensary will sell a 5-dollar preroll for cheaper with more THC. Although it seems counter-intuitive, you can save money by putting in a little more by purchasing other edibles. Kiva bars ,for example, will give you eight 22.5 mg of THC servings for 20 dollars. Same with the breeze mints that accomplish the goal as the Plus Gum: 20 dollars for 40 mints, which comes to 50 cents a mint. Effectively, when you are purchasing the Breeze Mints, you only have to pay 2.50 for the same amount of THC dosage as you would for the Plus Gum.

Plus Gum isn’t bad. It works for what it is. It’s just that it’s easier to save money and getting the same magic by shopping elsewhere.


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