WYR -Write a Movie or Have Movie Written About You

In the style of the Ancient Greeks…

Writing about a movie would have its benefits, such as controlling the plot and tone. Writing a movie wouldn’t mean writing about yourself, as you could write about anything you wanted. Therefore, when you choose to write, you choose what you think is an important subject matter that hasn’t been talked about or a explored in a certain way that you feel should, or, if you have vivid imagination, it would give you the opportunity to create a film you always should’ve been done but never have – like a certain action movie you created, or a passionate love story that you dreamed about. Regardless of what you write about, even if it’s not about yourself, writing reveals that you have something important to say or show. To choose to write your movie reveals who you are, as oppose to having a movie written about you.

Having a movie written about you would show what another person thinks of you. Assuming it’s like real life, having a movie written about you would probably be done by someone you don’t know in the Hollywood industry. What that person says about you wouldn’t be an accurate portrayal of who you are, since it’s written by someone else. However, the movie would reveal important information and aspects of your life that are objectively the most important. If a stranger wants to write a story about you, you would have to assume that there’s an interesting event you were involved in your life and you played a vital role. Most Hollywood biographies revolve around important people, people involved in historical events, or had a historical impact.But what if you had nothing interesting about yourself?

What if you worked a 9 to 5 job straight out of high school until you retired at the same place? What if you married your high school sweetheart? What if you raised a happy family? What if you lived a normal life?

Should you choose to be the writer instead?

In a way, this question is a riddle like the chicken-and-the-egg. In order to be a writer, one must be bored. But in order to be written about, one must have a writer. However, if everyone lived interesting lives, there would be no writers. But if everyone were writers, they would be all bored with their lives. Would they be able to write if they found everything boring?

Each side is a contradiction; so is this Would You Rather question, a contradiction itself? You are force to choose one, where neither can exist without the other. So the logical choice would be to say both or neither. Choosing a side means making an irrational choice in the view of the self. From a personal perspective, this is a contradiction to the identity. You must be able to be bored enough to writer but to write about a life you must find it interesting.

Understanding our answer to this choice says more how we view ourselves in the eyes of others. To want to write means we our bored of ourselves compared to others; whereas to be written about means to find yourself more interesting compared to others.Even though the two actions reveal something different about each person, they should still choose one over the other. Ultimately, the writer and the person to be written about are looking for the same thing, however only one of these choices can fulfill.

Earlier, there were two personality distinctions between the writer and the person to be written. The writer is a person in need of control, whereas the person to be written about has a curiosity of how they are viewed from another eye.The writer is paranoid and the person to be written about is sociable. Simply put, the writer is in a bad place while the person to be written is in a happy place. Where the writer and the person to be written about overlap is the need for truth. The writer has a personal truth from their mind they need to announce, where the person to be written needs the person truth from a third source.

There’s a personal truth both need to expose, but now the truth exposes different parts of the person. Where the truth from yourself would come from your mind, the truth from a third person would be a truth from their mind as well. Where the writer would expose the mind of themselves, the person to be written about would expose the third source who wrote the material. Therefore, having a movie written about you wouldn’t be a personal truth about you but rather, it would a personal truth from a third source about you. It says a lot about them then you.

The answer therefore is that its’ best to choose to be the writer than to be the one written. Personally, I’ve seen plenty of Steve Jobs films and most always get it wrong. A lot of Steve Jobs movies get trashed by Rotten Tomatoes and film freaks. My favorite Steve Jobs movie has to be “The Pirate of Silicon Valley,” which never went to the theaters like many others. You can get plenty of movies written about you and they may even be good and tell a good story. However, if you’re looking for a personal truth, which should be defined as something that is true to your personality, everyone must choose to be a writer.


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