Don’t Judge A Bud By It’s Smell – Purple Heaven is What’s Up

Spongy, rank, and burns colorfully like Joss Paper, Purple Heaven is a hairy flower that’ll relax the mind of the patient. Purple Heaven is another indica strain that hovers around the 20 percent THC mark. With thick foliage, the orange pistils poke and prod out rather than wrap around the calyx. Aesthetic wise, there isn’t as much purple as the name implies or at least with the gram this user purchased. However, this an indica strain that is for almost every type of smoker. Although it’s an indica, it will not put you in comatose like a Bubba Kush would. It will make you just as spacey and airheaded, so it’s a come-home-from-work-and-deflate type of bud.

Purple Heaven is the flower you smoke when you still have a dinner to make, dishes to clean, clothes to wash, and projects to work on. Like any indica, it will help you relax into a pleasant slumber but it won’t force you. In fact, patients will have to do their typical “winding down” process – brush your teeth, take a shower, read a book, and etc – before it will make them sleepy. The taste isn’t stronger than any other bud, but the taste will persist even after eating or drinking. The best use of Purple Heaven is for creative projects as it provides a relaxed sensation without curbing your ambition. Artistry benefits most from an active mind but other problems come with: anxiety, stress, self-doubt. Purple Heaven gets rid of the latter but keeps the former.

Really, Purple Heaven acts more like a hybrid of both sativa and indica rather than a straight indica strain. Sticky enough, Purple Heaven is easily handled and shaved down for the amateurs. Flames burn a little bit longer, so it’s easy to cherry a couple of hits without sparking up a lighter.

So far Purple Heaven is not as a popular strain as some others since it’s not listed on Leafly. The only place this user was able to find it was at some selective dispensaries throughout San Diego and El Cajon. Hopefully, in a short time, this strain will become popular among the 9 – 5 working people who have creative, post-work endeavors.


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