Bubba Kush – Ole Reliant

An indica strain that can replace your melatonin pills, Bubba Kush is a favorite and popular flower that most have smoked more than on one occassion. Like most indicas, Bubba Kush has a powerful comatose effect on its patients and users. Bubba Kush is definitely a night-time smokeable, or in the least, a flower you smoke when you feel like staying indoors.

Usually revolving around the 15 % THC mark, Bubba Kush is a sticky, heavy flower that shackles your ankles and wrists to the couch. Smoking a quick bowl will not put you only in a relaxed mood but in a compliant state. For most stress cases, Bubba Kush remedies the symptoms at the current moment, making it best used for those struggling to sleep. Take enough of Bubba Kush, you’ll soon feel your extremities become pure energy. For your body, you will sink into your chair or couch and feel as if you’re looking at the world through a car’s window.

For this cannabis consumer, indica strains seem to be rarer than sativas. A lot of dispensaries only sell 1 or 2 indica strains, one of them most likely being Bubba Kush. As the most common type of flower for the most uncommon strain, Bubba Kush is a reliable indica that can assist any stress or anxious feeling a patient or smoker could have. Prices for Bubba Kush are average, usually ranging for as cheap as 40 in some places to 50 in others.

If you are new to smoking or to buying cannabis from a dispensary, make sure to shop around to find which place not only sells Bubba Kush for less but also sells it at a higher quality. Questions you should answer when trying flowers: Is it smooth? Do I like the taste? Do I like the taste or the residual “high” I have the next morning? How much do I need to take to feel the effects? How long does it take for me to smoke an eighth? How long does it usually take me to finish an eighth?

Make sure to not be a homebody or conservative in your cannabis consuming habits. Just because you like one particular strain, doesn’t mean you should stick to it. You have a moral duty for your cannabis consuming habit to try whatever there is on the menu before you can stick to “The Usual.”


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