Kiva Mint Irish Cream – Smooth, Long-Lasting Mint Chocolate Edible

The Kiva Bar is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, chocolate edibles in the cannabis industry. It comes in many different flavors, but the favorite of this edible enthusiast has to be the smooth Mint Irish Cream. Tastes like a Junior Mint and holds your head like a wool-knitted beanie, the Kiva Mint Irish Cream bar contains a total of 180 mg of THC with four 45 mg square blocks that have a perforated edges that can be broken into 22.5 triangular pieces (which are sufficient for even the regular consumer).

Typically, the 180 mg Kiva Bar runs around 20 dollars. Since the bar can be broken into 8 pieces, each consumptions comes to two dollars and 50 cents – the best price for the frugal stoner. For this regular consumer, it is highly suggested to refrigerate the bar until 20 minutes before you want to take it. The refrigerator will maintain the bar’s square form without any of the pieces melting into together, however it will make the bar hard enough that will be difficult and vexing to perfectly divide the pieces into eights. That is why it is suggested to let the bar slowly warm back to room temperature before breaking any of the pieces. If you are a cannabis juggernaut that can handle a whole 45 mg square (which there aren’t too many) then you can easily break the bar into squares with a fully refrigerated Kiva Bar.

Unlike some other edibles, it’s difficult to perfectly measure or gauge a piece smaller than 22.5 mg from the Kiva Bar. So even when you take one normal bite, you are guaranteed to get high; therefore, always measure your edibles the best you can. The Kiva Bar allows you to do this to a point, but this bar wasn’t made for amateurs. If you are looking for an intro into edibles, it’s best to avoid the 180 bar. Kiva does sell bars with 60 mg of THC, making each square 20 mg of THC and an eighth coming to a 10. There are other edibles sold as well where each piece is 5 to 10 mg a piece and would be better suited for novices.



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