Breez Original Mints – A Breath Mint To Calm Your Nerves

If you can eat it, you can put weed in it, and if you don’t want your breath to smell like a roach, there are mints for that as well. Original Mints is the standard breath freshener starter pack from Medical Cannabis Breez. They also have Cinnamon and Royal Mints, each containing a different load of THC and CBD. Breez Original Mints is loaded with 50 mints for a total of 250 mg of THC, coming to a steady 5 mg each.

Original Mints taste like an Altoid and hits heavy in your back like your first day of school. Breez recommends one to two mints if you are new, but any seasoned cannabis consumer can operate and function at four. At six, you’ll definitely feel stoney for the next couple of hours. Breez Original Mints shoudn’t be use to get you high initially, but they should be used indiscriminately and casually to keep your initial high going. That is to say the best way to use Breez is when you want to keep your high at a plateau.

Typically, Breez Original Mints run at 20 dollars even. Their other flavors can get a little more pricey, but you can also get a bigger bang for your buck from them, especially the Royal Mints. Breez Original Mints perfectly masks the smell and taste of cannabis, however, it’s still not recommend to use on your first date. It is recommended to be used with you and your significant other before you enter the bedroom, assuming they are into the weed culture like yourself. It is also recommended for those new to edibles because of the low THC content. First time edible experiences can be scaring, even scarring if the user is new to them – especially if the edibles were homemade because who knows how good your college buddy is at evenly measuring the THC content per brownie square.

Like always, make sure to check the dispensary’s menu on their website before going and market watch the prices. Some dispensary’s add a tax, while others just ask for a straight donation.


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